Don't let the name fool you!

Cilento Vacancy isn't a travel agency.

We are the family owners of "Il Canale 1861".

Our web pages are concerned, exclusively, to promote this beautiful villa in the heart of the Cilento National Park to give you the opportunity to enjoy all this harsh land and lush, rich in history and natural beauty, culture and traditions, scents and images who are lost in time .....

All the characteristics of the ancient Cilento come together in this old house giving you a vacation unlike any other.

A fascinating place ... where our ancestors lived much of their time devoted to the cultivation of land, olive trees and sheep: traditions go mostly lost and you can find that here.

Tranquility, nature, culture, sports, cooking, in a context between the sea, hills and mountains vibrate in unison with "Il Canale 1861".


We work with travel agencies specialized but You also can book directly with us your holiday.

See you there!